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Rewind for Seniors

REWIND Gold will help you look and feel young. REWIND Gold is an all-encompassing mind-body yoga program carefully designed for the particular needs of boomers and seniors. REWIND Gold incorporates specific yoga poses and adaptations, breathing practices and mindfulness techniques that have been shown to help improve functional fitness and balance, reduce stress, alleviate symptoms associated with chronic conditions and promote healthy body awareness.


Arizona State University-YMEDICA Study:
Effects of REWIND Yoga on Balance & Functional Fitness

The protocol for REWIND yoga was developed by YMEDICA, an organization that specializes in the medical and therapeutic application of yoga. In a study by YMEDICA and verified by Arizona State University, seniors saw stunning increases in the areas of functional strength, balance, and flexibility which are essential to healthy aging. The increases occurred in as little as 6 weeks:

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